Illustrated Stitch Tutorials

Detailed and fully-illustrated stitch tutorials are included in all Wild Bird Song Designs patterns, written by Kristen Hein Strohm, illustrated by Miranda Currie, and tested for clarity by our fabulous team of test crocheters!

Here are two examples of Miranda’s charming illustrations. The first is one of the steps to creating a row of chainless foundation single crochet (fsc), and the second is one of two figures illustrating where to place your hook when crocheting a row through the back loop only (sc-blo). With clear and beautiful illustrations like these, learning new crochet skills is a delight!


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  1. Darling pics and easy to see and understand! are a dear.

    • Thank you! Miranda is wonderful, and I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with her on these. We’re working on some more this month, including top clusters like dc-3-tog, post stitches, puff stitches, and a few special secret stitches that I’m incorporating into some upcoming designs! (Mischievous giggle… I love teasing you with temptations of patterns to come! Life is so fun!)

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