The fresh crochet designs of wildlife biologist Kristen Hein Strohm reflect the landscapes that inspire her, flatter the wearer with elegant shaping and delightful color, and raise funds for environmental and social causes.

10% of Kristen’s profits from all pattern sales are donated to charity, with each pattern supporting a specific charity evoked by its design theme. Each pattern also includes a web link for its supported charity, offering opportunities to get involved!

Each pattern also includes a fully illustrated tutorial for any special stitches that are used, so even beginners can follow Kristen’s more advanced patterns once they’re comfortable with the basics! To ensure the quality and clarity of patterns from Wild Bird Song Designs, all patterns are perfected through a rigorous testing process with a group of test crocheters before publication.

You can also find Kristen on Ravelry, a free online community for crocheters and knitters! There you can send Kristen a message (her username is wildbirdsong), add Wild Bird Song Designs to your lists of favorite designers and patterns, and participate in a crochet-along of Kristen’s patterns with other crafters from around the world! Be sure to also check out Ravelry’s Sexy Crochet Club for tips on figure-flattering project shaping and drape, and Ravelry’s Hot Heads, Happy Hearts group to knit or crochet fun hats for charity!

Kristen enthusiastically supports these delicious natural fiber yarn companies with eco-friendly and fair trade practices that benefit the spinners’ communities: Frog Tree, Mirasol, Be Sweet, and Manos del Uruguay (distributed by Fairmount Fibers, Artesano, and CNS).

Special thanks to Christine Elder for her beautiful Wild Bird Song Designs logo, and to Miranda Currie for her charming stitch illustrations! I highly recommend checking out more of their gorgeous artwork at http://christineelder.com and www.mirandacurrie.com!


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  1. And a wildlife biologist too….one of my “almost did” careers! I am in health care only because my Mom wouldn’t allow me to got o school to be a veterinarian. Thinking was so different just a short while ago about women and their pursuits.

    • It’s true. I often think of how grateful I am for the women pioneers who came before me! Their courage and dedication has made so much possible, and even common, that just a few decades ago was almost unheard of. And in addition to the bigger opportunities they’ve brought us like broader career choices, even our smallest everyday actions have been touched by their hands. Every time we feed ourselves with nourishing food paid for with our own earnings, we have the feminist movement to thank. And even every woman who chooses to live a more traditional lifestyle as a full-time mom has the movement to thank, because now her lifestyle is a choice and not an obligation, which gives it an additional layer of depth and beauty.

      I hope you enjoy your health care career as well – people like you saved the life of my father just a few months ago, and my grandmother just this week! And every role in the process, from reception to nursing to testing to doctoring and even to billing, can have a profound effect on patients and their families when approached with compassion and warmth. Setting people at ease in a scary time can mean so much. Thank you for what you do.

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